We offer adult EM and pediatric EM rotations through VSAS. We ask that you submit your Step 1 scores and a letter of interest through VSAS as well.
There is no minimum Step 1 score, we take the whole application into account. We do accept the COMLEX, but the USMLE is recommended.
No. All applicants are screened using the same criteria. Getting to know applicants on an elective rotation is fun and useful for us, but certainly not required.
UK does have some on campus housing available, which usually fills up quickly. There are several residents who also rent out rooms of their homes for the month also.
Normally you will do 12 shifts that are 10 hours long. We try to get you several opportunities at a variety of procedures and treat you like a 1st year resident rather than a student. You will attend the weekly resident education conference and have your own procedure workshops as well. If you’re interested in spending a day with EMS, ED radiology, or any other experience, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen.



The University of Kentucky offers interviews in a rolling fashion.  There are multiple factors that influence when applicants may hear from us. Our goal in 2016-17 is to make our first offers 10/20/16.  We actively use our waiting list and based on cancellations, we will continue to make approximately 5-10 offers every week or two until the end of the season. Often, cancellations occur close to the end of the interview cycle, so we use this list and make offers well into January. Our tentative interview schedule is from early November through late January, on most Fridays.

Because interview slots are valuable to both the candidate and the residency, please be considerate to other students and do not hold slots at different programs for the same interview time.

Please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator if you have questions about our process we have not addressed here.  Direct emails to the Program Directors are rarely helpful, as it unfairly circumvents the application system. If you feel there is key information that will be missed in your application, have your EM faculty advisor email one of us.

We review all of the nearly 1,000 applications and usually offer interviews to approximately 150 well-qualified candidates in addition to the UK and visiting students who have already rotated with us.  Thank you for your interest.

Questions can be addressed to our Program Coordinator at or by calling 859-323-5083.

Applicants who are offered an interview will be notified by email through Interview Broker. This software program will offer multiple interview dates throughout the program’s recruitment season. You may select the one that best fits into your schedule. Each day has a limited number of slots available and they are filled on a first come, first served basis.
You may check available dates in Interview Broker and if there are any open slots, you may change your interview date.
No. You will receive a list of nearby hotels in your emailed invitation to interview.
Yes, there is an informal dinner with residents the evening prior to your interview. You will receive information after you confirm your interview date. Attendance at this event is not required, but it is encouraged.
Generally, interviews are held each Friday from early November through mid-January. On your interview day, you will meet first thing with faculty, our recruitment chief and residency staff for a program overview. You will interview separately with the program directors, faculty, and our recruitment chiefs, either in the morning or afternoon. The remainder of time will be spent touring the department. At the end of the day, the program director will meet with you and answer any remaining questions. Please be sure to bring your parking ticket with you for validation!
Business casual. But if you’re more comfortable with a suit, that’s great too.



In the past, the vast majority of our graduates have done private practice /community EM. More recently, we have had more graduates pursue fellowships.
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has granted full accreditation to the program on a 10 year cycle. They listed no citations or areas of concern.
PGY1 = 12-22 shifts, depending on scheduling availability,  PGY2 = 20 shifts,  PGY3 = 18 shifts, reduced to 17 if performing a chief function,  All shifts are between 8 to 10 hours.
The vast majority of traumas resuscitations are run by the EM resident with the trauma surgery service acting as a consulting service. Emergency Medicine residents perform all trauma intubations in the ED.
Are you kidding? The University of Kentucky- Chandler Hospital is the only level 1 adult & pediatric trauma center in the region. We serve as a tertiary referral trauma center for most of the state of Kentucky. In 2013, we had ~3,000 adult trauma admissions and ~500 pediatric trauma admissions.
Our ultrasound division, rotation, and fellowship is run by Dr. Matt Dawson. He is a nationally renowned leader in ultrasound education and has won many teaching awards. Dr. Dawson also serves as the Director of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the entire medical center. We have 2 ultrasound fellows per year.
Rather than 1 whole month of Peds ED, we have 2-4 peds shifts per month throughout all 3 years. On most adult shifts, we see peds patients daily as well. Residents also spend 1 month in the PICU.
Yes, both internal and external. Starting in their PGY-2 year, residents can start internal moonlighting. Starting in January of the PGY-2 year, they can start external moonlighting at hospitals with double attending coverage.
Absolutely. All 3rd years go to ACEP. Incoming chiefs go to SAEM. Anyone else presenting a paper/poster/image/competition are also sent to whatever conference they are presenting at. All of the expenses are on the department. (We are the reigning SAEM 2014 SimWars National Champions, by the way)
What a coincidence that you ask. Yes, you get an iPad to use just like your own throughout residency, but must return it after residency.
It is generally run over the last 2 weeks of June with 1 week of hospital-wide orientation, then 1 week of department specific orientation (including ATLS).

Sim Wars Competition Photo - May 2014- resized smaller

2014 SAEM SimWars National Champions